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Holiday / Center Closings

The Centers are open twelve months of the year, Monday through Friday, with the exception of select holidays.

In addition to holidays, HighPointe centers close for select teacher development days. Teacher development days can be found on the center calendar. Please reach out to your center director to receive our latest calendar!

Payment is required regardless of holiday schedules. HighPointe Academy benefits its staff with paid holidays.


My ProCare Portal & Tuition Express

My ProCare is an online portal that you may use to make payments, print out statements or adjust your phone numbers, addresses and emergency contacts. You can go to and log in with the email address that you have given to us upon registration. You will then be allowed to create your own password.

Tuition Express is what we use to process automatic ACH and credit card payments. You may fill out a Tuition Express application if you would like us to automatically withdrawal your payments on Mondays from your savings/checking accounts or a credit card. Tuition Express forms are included in your registrations packet.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Our parent teacher conferences are an opportune time to share academic and developmental progress with parents. Whether your child is reaching every milestone or has a knack for reading, these topics will be addressed more in depth through a two-way conversation with parents and teachers. This includes addressing strengths and opportunities for growth, as well as sensitivities and social development.

At HighPointe, we encourage an open-door policy at all times when it comes to parent-teacher communication. With our hands-on approach to learning, teachers are able to thoroughly assess your child’s performance throughout the year in preparation for these meetings. During the parent teacher conference, parents will become more informed on how to support their child through every stage.

Community Resources

In our effort to provide a healthy and supportive community for parents and students, HighPointe Academy offers a variety of informative resources. These community resources serve as a reliable source for questions concerning childcare, medical, and family support.

Through strategic partnerships, HighPointe Academy has formed a collaborative bond with various institutions near our schools to ensure every student receives access to dependable care. Our Colorado community resources include:

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